Samstag, 27. September 2014

Centerboard trial and error

something learned about epoxy...

Hole with 2 diameters to provide additional support. The idea was to fill it up with Epoxy and have a water-tight seat for the bearing

This is what happened after trying to drill a hole into pure epoxy. Some swearing involved, especially as this could have been foreseen

So everything removed with a chisel, followed by second attempt, this time thickened with micro-balloons and reinforced with fibreglass-cloth. Another - round-shaped - piece of fiberglass was laminated inside. 

Much better - the idea is to avoid water penetrating the plywood under any circumstances. There are 3 bronze bearings, one in each side of the centerboard case and one in the centerboard itself

Halves of the CB prepared for final glue-up

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