Samstag, 6. September 2014

Gaining stability: the sheerstringers

One of the amazing experiences is how the hull structure gains stability with all the structure that is being built in the hull over time - frames, sheer stringers, deck beams etc.

So removing the dried out frames was the next step (I forgot to mention in previous posts - before steaming they were actually thrown into my fathers garden-pond for 48 hrs - strange smell in the workshop while steaming, but fishermen like that.)

All frames bent and clamped in place to dry (roughly a week). After that, I removed the frames before mounting the sheer

Next were the sheerclamps / stringers. They are made of 2 layers of 14x37 mm spruce. First stringer clamped in place on both sides, glued in with thickened epoxy. Nothing really difficult here.

By the way, I followed Barry Longs approach with the "double stern", i.e. an inner stern (multiplex in my case) and a Mahogany outer stern which will be added later. I hope this may add stability and also create a nicer view from aft as the planks are not visible from behind.

both sheer clamps in place - lots of clamps help...

where sheer meets the stern - needed to saw & chisel out a slot for the sheer between the planking and the inner stern. 
Sheer meets inner stem...

same saw & chisel procedure again for second sheer stringer....

Fitting the second sheer stringer

Tape everywhere to avoid epoxy on sanded inner surface

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