Samstag, 20. September 2014

Starting the deck structure

Now I am really excited to get started with the deck structure, This will, going forward, provide more and more stability and strength for the boat as a whole. It is really interesting to observe how the hull gains stability with every step - sheerstringers, frames etc. Next are the deck beams.

First the sheer stringers need to be planed to exactly fit the future deck curve

Really enjoyable to work with the handplane. The electrical one would probably do a quicker job, but it is just more fun that way. Plus, you have much more control on how much material you actually remove, also following the changing angle is easier with a handplane.

checking the right angle continuously simply using one of the deckbeams...
instead of frames #1 I decided to install a bulkhead 

it is made out of 15 mm Okume marine plywood and serves 2 purposes: give additional buoyancy and add to the static structure of the bow which is critical, as in the melonseed, all the forces from the mast attack at this area of the boat

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A lot of fun is cutting the notches for the deck beams. The Japanese pull-saw is the tool of choice, the block visible in the left of the picture helps keeping the right angle. After cutting all the way to the middle of the sheer stringer, the notch was given it final shape with a chisel.

the combination angle on the deck beams was transferred with a bevel gauge and then just sawn.

A nice snug fit provides a lot of satisfaction (and hopefully stability :-)

Beams at the aft-end

and bow...

getting there...

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