Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Final planking, no photos from whiskey plank nor whiskey...

I decided to follow the original plan and went for chine stringers. As this is the 16'' version, I thought it adds stability. Also I found it easier to match the planks with the bottom: The chine stringers actually cover potential lacks of accuracy where the planks meet the bottom as the chine overlaps both the bottom as well as the planks.

The bottom before cutting it out - made from 13 mm American White Ash. Nice scarfing exercise, as the lumber was 3 meters only.

A little work with the handplane. What is not shown on the photo are the ash blocks for the mast step. Solid ash pieces added between mold 1 and 2. I show some photo below from the inside to illustrate the principle. Adding those blocks before planking ensures I think a very strong and "gapless" bond between mast step, planking, stringers and bottom.

Here is a pic from a later stage from the other side. I think it is a good idea to build in those "Ash wedges" at this stage. That way, they are implemented into the hull structure in an optimal way.

Finally closing it all up...

I decided to do a more thorough photo-documentation few weeks after the initial steps - therefore, there is no footage from inserting the Whiskey plank unfortunately (neither from the celebration :-)

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