Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

save time and effort – learn from the canoe-guy

A guy near Stuttgart, Stefan Krauß, who specializes in strip planked canoes, has developed (and happily shares on his website) a great technique to speed up the planking process with bead-and-cove planks and increase accuracy of the planks. I will not provide too many details on the technique here, just check yourself on the website, the fotos are quite self-explaining. 
Plywood molds “squeeze” the planks in exactly the right position. I am happy to help if anyone needs further information on this. I found it extremely convenient, as there is almost zero fiddling around with funny clamping, no holes from nails / screws etc.

One plank for each side was sacrificed to make sure pressure from the strips is distributed equally - I taped the plank so it would not take any glue

melonseed skiff, melonseed

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