Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Getting started...

Too much time in cold, wet winters can lead to quite funny decisions in life.

For me it was the decision to build a boat.

I owe this (at least the initial spark) to Barry Long, who I have never met but got totally drawn into his masterpiece blog - thank you Barry for the great inspirations and entertainment!

After reading the blog (and some more) the melonseed virus - I am sure there is such thing - got me: I just had to build one of those great looking American East-Coast gunning skiffs that I had never even heard about before.

"Incubation time" was about 2 years - finally I ordered Marc Barto's Plan for the 16'' version from and started building in late May 2014:

Molds on the strongback - on heavy duty wheels for moving around in the narrow workshop. For the lofting I took it the easy way, photocopied the 1:1 layouts of the molds from the plan and just glued them to the fibre boards and cut them out with jig- and bandsaw

I learned a lot from various building blogs out there, so the purpose of the upcoming postings is to as well share some of  the ideas and lessons learned with other enthusiasts out there. The beginning of the blog is rather retrospect as I just started with the blog on August 18th, however have been building since May as said.

I wish everyone who comes across these pages happy reading!

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