Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

Sanding #1 out of ??

not really news, a lot of sanding is required, yai! However it turned out less intensive than I thought it would be - for me best worked starting with a belt sander in something like 45 degrees to the planking to get the rough differences smoothed out.

It helped to have some experience, as the belt sander in combination with the very soft Western Red Cedar is likely to create damage that cannot be repaired if one is not careful. The most important - never stop moving the belt sander... a Festool Orbit sander starting with 120 did the rest, followed by quite a bit of manual sanding with a flexible long board I made out of 4 mm plywood and 120 grit sandpaper glued to it. 1 day for the entire hull seemed acceptable...

especially for the transition bottom to planking, the belt sander (after initial bevelling with the handplane) turned out to be pretty efficient

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