Sonntag, 19. April 2015

It`s getting serious now - the Mahogany deck.

They plywood sub-deck has been glued in place and all the edges trimmed flush with the router. Next was quite a bit of table-saw work on the Mahogany, cutting a decent number of 8 mm thick, 33 mm wide (after planing) planks

6 meter long, handling those guys saves plenty of money for the fitness club.

just good that the full length was only required for the outside planks (and the toerails, which  were also already cut and planed)

Creating the outer deck planks from 2 33 mm planks. 


and in place, glued, screwed and plugged

from the bow...

now the planking starts. A lot of discussion went into the question of the planks should follow the outer curve of the deck (classic Yacht-deck) or just be straight. At the end the majority of the votes went for straight, which now I also think fits the period of the original Melonseed better.

Getting there...

and the sealing - Sika 291, amazing stuff...

the sanding process was less bad than expected. Not even a full day. Turned out the best combination for me is belt sander with 8 grit to get a flat surface and take the Sikaflex off. Just need to make sure to NEVER stay in one place with the belt sander. 

The belt sander activity was followed-up with a lot of very healthy manual sanding / leveling with a longboard with 100 grit sandpaper.
self-made long board in place.

the result is approved...
trimming the edges with the trim bit in the router

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