Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Cockpit-coaming and stern

Cockpit coaming: quite a challenge I thought before I started - turned out medium difficult with the right approach (plywood jig :-)

the whole idea was to attach a 7 cm wide plywood strip INSIDE the cockpit edges and then attach the protruding front and back flush with the deck with screws.

this gave the perfect template for cutting the real piece. For each side I took 1x7 mm and 1x4 mm Mahogany, the 2 pieces were then bent-laminated in place, creating a 11 mm thick deck coaming.

one of the in total 4 elements (2x4mm 2x7 mm) aftet cutting them out on the bandsaw following the template 

Template placed on top of actual piece

after bend-laminating the pieces in place

Installing the final pieces

trimming them to the right height with the hand plane

following were the front and aft end of the coaming

the stern was made from 20 mm Mahogany, glued up to  one big piece and rough-cut. Then screwed and glued to the inner stern/transom.

I am so happy I bought this electrical planer...

transom / deck connection also filled with Sikaflex 291

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