Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Deck - the first layer with plywood

Time for the deck - the first layer is made out of 4 mm marine-grade Okume plywood. This will later be covered with Mahogany planks.

raw cut...

after sealing the inside surface with 2 layers of epoxy

i thought it be a good idea to take the layout of the supporting deck structure to have a "plan"" for future mounting of  deck fittings etc.

careful taping off all non-glue surfaces

plywood deck after glue-up

I simply used screws to keep the deck in place while the thickened epoxy cures. The screws were removed afterwards. I found this the most efficient way to keep the deck in place while ensuring a tight fit on all gluing surfaces. The screw holes dont play a role at all as they will be covered with the top layer anyway.

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